My sEcrEt twEakEr pAd,

this is a blog for those of you who sometimes question your sanity, and may no longer believe in this reality. If your anything like me you may abuse drugs, embrace insomnia, treat sex like a religion, mutilate your body, and eat only when your stomachs feeling up to it. InsaNIty both fascinates and scares me. Every word out of my mouth is a metaphor that mostly only I understand.

trident-goose-god said: After cwe of hydrocodone and get ride of Tylenol how do you turn it back to powder?

once you remove the tylenol you pour your water/hydrocodone solution onto a baking sheet and let it dry. I choose to let it dry next to a fan or a dehumidifier if possible. after it dries up you should be able to scrape the hydrocodone off and bang!